A skeptical seeker who found her way


What is life all about? This question has been with me as long as I can remember. In recent years some answers have taken form. I see us all as co-creators of life's great tapestry. Life on earth can be strikingly beautiful or hellish - dependent on how we treat ourselves, our relations and surroundings. To learn how to live in balance and harmony is the great challenge.


War and environmental destruction I see as a result of us not being fully developed. We have simply not come any further than this. The way forward is through self-knowledge and the desire to respect life. Tools that I found along my winding road is painting, prayer, meditation and conversation with God, Universe or the Great Spirit, whatever you want to call the great mysterious force that holds us together. Because I think it is the same one we turn to, but in different ways depending on who we think we are and what we seek. I am looking for love and truth.