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Stories of Water Children’s Edition


Stories of Water Children’s Edition book number 1

hardcover ISBN 978-91-987081-3-4 (pocket ISBN 9789198708165)

46 pages, text and illustrations by Anna-Carin Martensson

“This is a book for openminded, free spirited people, like most 5 to 6 year olds, who is asking big questions like `How did it all begin? ́ and `What are we doing here? ́ In this story you find some alternative answers that hopefully inspires the reader and listener to find their own. I hope this book will help both young and old to get to know themselves a little bit better. Because the deeper our self-knowledge, the better equipped we are to face life. Hopefully the book will bring a few laughs too, because we need many of those. “

With love Anna-Carin Martensson








Suomi (Finland)