Painting and Healing


Medicine painting


From me you can order a painting,

painted with the intent to inspire you

and help you heal your wounded




Make an appointment for a display

of the paintings


Art worship service

Art & Music

Duke Ellingtons

Sacred Concerts


Charlotte Polson plays Duke Ellington’s beautiful music and

I have painted his music in my way. The paintings are shown when Charlotte Polson plays her saxophone skillfully and tenderly. To me this music is food for the Soul.


Kinnared 6/7 kl 18.00

Marthin Luther K:a 28/8

Getinge 15/3 2015



Creativity gives joy of living!


You can paint and have a good time with musician

Ann-Louise Liljedahl and painter Anna-Carin Mårtensson.

To the magic and harmonic sound of the Hang we will paint and enjoy the music and the colours without


Music and painting gives you relaxation and lust for life!

This year we are a part of Hallands Bildningsförbund’s catalog of cultural entertainment for 2014.