I paint in many different ways; houses, walls, paintings...


... furniture, signs, menus for restaurants, names on boats, medicine paintings. I use both old and new materials and techniques. Maybe you would

like to turn the children´s bedrooms into a jungle? Or you might want me to paint faces on a birthday party?

I have f-tax

If you want to hire me or you have questions you are welcome to contact me at 070-269 68 89






I wish my paintings to work as bridges between the worldly and the spiritual.

Medicine painting

For me studying shamanism is the same thing as learning old techniques which help me to heal and become aware of all things connected. We are one, I am a part of this magnificent creation called life on earth. And we can communicate with it as a whole or with the separate parts, if we want to.

Art has a natural correlation to shamanism in the sense that both deal with the soul. When I work as a shamanic painter I work with a clear intent and use different techniques to let the spirits involve themselves in the process. The intent can sometimes be to help someone with a special issue or sometimes with the wish to bridge the gap between the "ordinary reality" and the spirit world - to sharpen our awareness


Medicine paintings

Medicine paintings are special paintings done with the intent to help you on your path. I do a journey for you asking the spirits for help; power, healing or advise. I write it down and then I do a painting. The painting works as a reminder and a meditation object for you to keep the process going.

The painting is done with egg oil tempera on rough paper 28 x 28 cm

107 € + postage.

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2 years at The Free School of Arts, teacher Olle Waller ( painting, photo, sculpture )

1 year at a pottery Röinge Keramik (ceramics )

2 years at The Royal Danish Art Academy (painting )

1 year of wood related industrial education (machine woodworking)

1 year at Tibro Hantverkscenter furniture restoration (wood craft, mottling, marbling )


Art teacher exam at Umeå University




Halmstad Vårsalong 1987

Lunda Bienalen 1988

Galleri Forum Ara, Lund 1988

Stadsgalleriet Halmstad 1993

Galleri Cosmopolitan, Göteborg 2008

Julsalongen 2008 Arnsted & Kullgren, Båstad

Kullasalongen, Krapperup 2009

Galleri Ängeln, Stockholm 2012

Nord Väsrta Skånes Konstrunda 2010-12

Konstliv 2014