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About Healing





I work with healing by asking the Spirits for help. The Spirits can guide us so that we live more in tune with our souls. More in tune with the rhythms of Life, Mother Earth and in better relationship. Healing is both about letting the flow of energy be more harmonious inside of us and outside of us, it is about self knowledge and soul awareness.

I do believe that we all have loving and caring Spirits around us that are glad to help us by sending guidance and healing.

To learn how to connect with your Power Animal can be a big healing step towards a life lived more fully, with energy and love.

I am grateful that I have met Lilian Rindstam Nordström who is one of my wonderful healing teachers. She studies the effects of healing on cancer patiens. If you want to support her research go to

Two other wonderful healing teachers I have been studying with is Jonathan Horwitz and Zara Waldebäck

In the middle of Sweden you can find Lynn & terry Forrest they are not my teachers but I can recommend them


There are many teachers in the world of Spirits that I am very grateful for. The link to them is inside us all 🙂

Thank You!