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Stories of Water

Stories of Water , a 102 pages colour illustrated paperback, with stories and illustrations from 16 writers and artists from four different continents connected by their love for Water. This is a hymn to Water with the intent to help us all deepen our connection to Water. Zara Waldebäck writes this about Stories of Water:

"Water is an ancient being on this planet we call home. Older than the Sun, the fact that Water came to our planet is a miracle. It is a cornerstone in the creation of Life. Nothing can survive on Earth without Water. Water unites us and it needs to be remembered as the essential element it is.

Dive in and let this book guide, instruct and inspire you. It brings together people and voices from all over the world, merging many streams into one mighty river. Here we find stories, poems and pictures that invite us to give thanks to Water, see it as alive and sacred, how it touches everything. Reading the vibrant pages, we come to know Water again and we flow into connection.

Read this collection to yourself when you want to remember how to be a friend with Water. Share it with others – a child, an elder, to go to sleep to or while waking over breakfast. Find a place in nature and read it aloud. Read it on a bus and remember Water is in us all. Share it at work to find unexpected ways to enjoy Water every day. Use the words in ceremonies and bring blessings for new life. Give it further as a revivifying gift. Make space for it in the classroom and let it inspire new generations.

This book is timely and hugely important. It holds great joy and great possibility. May it fill you with Wonder and Water Wisdom."

Zara Waldebäck – writer, teacher, healer