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Sustainable Living – a magical journey

Sustainable Living - a magical journey

This is a book with an important message poetically expressed through wonderful photos from Sweden and a text that takes us into deep contemplation over the question: How can we find paths to sustainable living and the power to walk them?

This is a book to look at again and again, 52 pages of astonishing beauty. Sustainable Living is a perfect gift book, with its beautiful pictures from Sweden and its urgent message.

Jonathan Horwitz, teacher, healer, poet at Scandinavian Center for Shamanic studies writes:

Sustainable Living is a magical invitation, a feast for the eyes, the heart and the Spirit. We all want to see changes in the world which will end wars, poverty and environmental threats, changes which will guarantee fruitfulness for generations to come. This beautiful, simple book, rich in inviting, stirring photographs accentuated and woven together with the moving, warm and inspiring text, offers a profound call to us all to step into and help to create a sustainable world where all are welcome. Thank You Anna-Carin Martensson and Modesty Sofronekoff for this beautiful invitation!